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The prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse is the responsibility of every member of the SC Technical College System to ensure we maintain a high integrity workforce and continue to be good stewards of local, state and federal funding.

When to Report

Employees should report when they are aware of theft, fraud, conflict of interest, abuse of assets or property, violations of laws and regulations, or concerns about internal controls, auditing, or accounting processes.


The South Carolina Office of Inspector General does accept anonymous complaints. However, they may need to contact you for clarification or additional information and ask that you provide us your contact information. If you request confidentiality, they will keep your identity confidential per SC Code Section 1-6-100.

Reporting Options

If you suspect that fraud, waste, or abuse has occurred, please contact the South Carolina Office of Inspector General.

Submit an Online Claim

By Phone:
1-855-723-7283 (1-855-SCFRAUD)

By Mail:
Office of the Inspector General
111 Executive Center Drive, Suite 204
Columbia, SC 29210-8416