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Spartanburg Community College Receives Donations for Augmented Reality and Reality-Based Classroom Immersion

  Dr. Alex Lemken, ioxp GmbH co-founder (left), and Philip Riddle, SeeDaten president and CEO (right), present new state-of-the art technology at SCC

Dr. Alex Lemken, ioxp GmbH co-founder (left), and Philip Riddle, SeeDaten president and CEO (right), present new state-of-the art technology at SCC

  new technology demo
  Dr. Alex Lemken, ioxp GmbH co-founder

Spartanburg Community College (SCC) instructors can now easily transfer their teaching and experiential knowledge to students via the latest augmented reality (AR) and reality-based classroom technologies thanks to donations from SeeDaten, Inc., ioxp GmbH, the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) and Milliken & Company.

Announced February 27, 2019, the partnering companies and their donations will provide cutting-edge technologies that assist instructors, students and industries. The goals are three-fold:

  • Instructors can prepare consistent and effective course
    content for students and client companies across SCC and have access to the latest technologies to enrich the learning experience for each student.
  • Students can learn course content consistently, on modern platforms including mobile devices, in an
    interactive and immersive manner, and at a self-set pace to meet their individual learning preferences. Students also have the opportunity to interface with latest learning technologies, such as AR, to prepare them and give them an edge in their career choices.
  • Industries benefit from AR in the classroom because they can be assured that when hiring SCC students, they have been prepared to help their future employer produce quality products and quality results in the shortest amount of time, reducing the cost of required training.

This new technology is a “game changer,” said Henry C. Giles, Jr., SCC’s president, because “it brings a whole new dimension to the classroom and to learning.” AR allows instructors “to create digital information on top of the physical world to teach and learn,” he explained. “It’s one thing for students to read about a technique, but it’s a completely different learning opportunity for students to actually experience and complete a process in their own classroom/lab setting via AR.”

Philip Riddle, president, CEO, founder, of SeeDaten, Inc., said, “We are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to partner with SCC, SCRA and Milliken & Company to make an ongoing positive impact with current and future SCC students and faculty.” Riddle said that this opportunity “sets a new standard for what can be accomplished to impact individuals, workforce development and the competitive landscape of South Carolina.”

Milliken has invested, via a considerable in-kind donation, to assist SCC in raising the bar for educational excellence and to prepare students for movement into Milliken’s modern manufacturing operations. “Investing in innovative approaches to learning is important to Milliken’s current and future success,” said Craig Haydamack, senior vice president, human resources, Milliken & Company. “We are honored to help increase the manufacturing readiness of SCC students through the use of SeeDaten technology.”

“We are indebted to SeeDaten, ioxp GmbH, Milliken and SCRA for bringing this technology to our students,” added Giles.

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