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Bausch + Lomb Sees Benefits of readySC

  Bryant Bagwell

Bryant Bagwell, senior human resources manager at the Greenville site

  Bausch + Lomb contact solution line

On the same day that Bausch + Lomb celebrated the four billionth bottle of eye care product manufactured at its Greenville, South Carolina facility, the company announced plans to expand and add an eighth assembly line. Bryant Bagwell, senior human resources manager at the Greenville site, explains how readySC™ partnered with Bausch + Lomb to recruit and train new hires for its expansion, while also helping to design and develop standardized methods for delivering best practices.

EDGE: Please give us some background on your company’s history in Greenville.

Bryant Bagwell: Bausch + Lomb started the Contact Lens Solutions plant in 1983. We currently have over 500 employees, and we recently expanded to an eighth assembly line. Our plant’s products include contact lens solution sold under the Biotrue, ReNu and Boston brands, and our goal is to continue to introduce new and innovative products to the marketplace in order to meet our customers’ needs.

EDGE: What kind of skills does your workforce need?

BB: We like to say that it takes special people to make special products. In addition to the normal skills that are required by most manufacturing facilities, new trainees need to learn highly stringent gowning procedures for an aseptic environment. We work in a fragile environment that is technique-driven.

EDGE: During your expansion, what were some of the benefits that your company received from readySC’s training and recruitment services?

BB: We have received many services from readySC. To name a few: job fairs, pre-employment assessments, pre-hire training, instructional videos, computer-based training, supervisor training and much more.

EDGE: Are there any unique challenges that readySC has helped overcome?

BB: We were struggling during our ramp-up to move from a five-day production schedule to a seven-day schedule. readySC developed a customized approach and unique solutions for our specific challenges.

Also, they helped us develop a training solution to support and enhance the hands-on training we require before working in our clean-room environment. We do a hands-on demonstration of gowning techniques during pre-hire, but we wanted to provide context for why that’s necessary inside the plant. So readySC created a video for us that shows the entire gowning procedure from start to finish, which includes the reasons why each step is important.

They also developed a computer-based training module that details each step of the gowning technique, with examples of wrong behavior corrected by the right way to do things. Employees are able to access specific areas that they are having trouble with and get re-training as needed. This has the added benefit of helping to reinforce best practices with all of our employees.

EDGE: What do you consider to be the top positive outcome of readySC’s training and recruitment program for your company?

BB: We definitely stabilized our workforce, but just as importantly we learned best practices that we are still using today.

EDGE: What word or phrase would you say most accurately describes readySC?

BB: I would say “ready,” because they know how to get things done. It can be overwhelming when you are recruiting and training a lot of new employees, and readySC is an excellent resource that can help you build a great team.

EDGE: If given the opportunity to recommend readySC to another company, what would you say?

BB: readySC is a great partner, and they have a proven track record in helping companies meet their recruitment and training needs. I’d like to thank readySC for helping us reach our business goals.

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