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When buying a new car, bundling options to create a customized package ensures that you get all the “bells and whistles” you want – whether for performance, appearance, safety or something else. Similarly, readySC can create a promotional package tailored to your company’s needs to assist with your recruitment efforts. Check out its offerings below.

Social Media Promotion

readySC/sctechjobs has an established presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. On these platforms, readySC’s Communications department posts announcements when companies establish or expand operations, job fair flyers, notices when new positions become available and training accomplishments. They also link to relevant SC Department of Commerce press releases, showcase ground-breaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and highlight professional accomplishments of readySC Area Directors and Training Managers, who work hard to meet the needs of their client companies.

Live with Liz

Live with Liz is a 15–20-minute Facebook Live event in which readySC Area Director Liz Jablonski speaks with one or more company representatives to raise community awareness about the company’s recruitment efforts. Liz, company representatives and readySC’s Communications team review logistics and set a filming date on a pre-arranged Zoom call. On the day of the event, the Communications team arrives an hour prior to going live to set up equipment and answer questions about the process. Once live, Liz engages in a casual but informative conversation with company representatives about company history, workforce needs, your relationship with readySC, workplace culture, benefits, pay and anything that makes your company a dynamic place to work. A live question-and-answer session with the online audience concludes the event, and then your company gets to watch applicants roll in!

See all of the Live with Liz features is the online job board that has helped readySC companies recruit for over 16 years. With over 100 job positions posted per year leading to 4,000+ recruitments, benefits both readySC companies and prospective employees. The website is user-friendly for job seekers, who can filter content by county, company or keyword; apply for training opportunities; sign up for new job opportunity alerts; or update a stored application. In addition to sharing position descriptions or relevant links, companies can also request the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) – a valued readySC partner – to screen applicants received through, saving your company valuable time and ensuring that your employment requirements are met.



For large projects looking to recruit 500+ employees, readySC’s Communications team can develop a microsite for your company. Microsites provide a brief overview of your company, a rationale for your decision to expand into South Carolina, and expectations of prospective employees. Special features of your microsite may include photos or promotional videos, a form to capture email addresses for follow-up communications, a link to hourly positions that readySC helps recruit and a link to the application site for salaried jobs (if applicable). See a few sample microsites below:

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