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March 22-26, 2021 is SC Technical College Week!

With more than 160,000 students at 16 colleges across the state and two internationally-renowned statewide programs - readySC and Apprenticeship Carolina, the SC Technical College System has a lot to celebrate.

This year, we want our voices of celebration to ring loud and clear throughout the entire state. Join us in celebrating South Carolina’s economic development and workforce development engine - the SC Technical College System.



The Post and Courier Commentary: SC technical colleges key to individual, statewide recovery

BY TIM HARDEE Mar 17, 2021 - The South Carolina Technical College System’s impact on our state is tremendous. Our 16 colleges serve as the engine for South Carolina’s recovery, empowering and preparing 160,000 South Carolinians for a brighter future each year.

As our state rebounds from the effects of COVID-19, many people are turning to their local technical college to learn new skills or hone existing skills that will enhance their employability, expand their career opportunities and increase their earning potential.

Each year, the state Technical College System educates nearly half of all undergraduates attending a public college or university in South Carolina. At nearly one-third the cost of four-year, state-supported institutions, our colleges educate and train South Carolinians for the in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow. An astounding 91% of our graduates are either employed in a job related to their education or go on to continue their education.

The strategic placement of our colleges across the state ensures that higher education remains accessible to anyone who dreams of furthering their education and wishes to remain local. Nearly every South Carolinian is within a 30-minute drive of one of our main or satellite campuses.

Consistently serving 160,000 South Carolinians each year, the system plays a crucial role in building the foundation of our state’s workforce — an essential building block for boosting economic development and increasing our overall competitiveness.

As the cliché goes, “from humble beginnings come great things.” More than half a century ago, one man held the belief that all South Carolinians were entitled to the education and training they needed to improve their stead in life. He also believed our state needed a more extensive industry base. As a result, Gov. Fritz Hollings stepped outside the proverbial box and offered the “100-day promise” — an assurance to companies looking to relocate to South Carolina that the state would provide the facilities and workforce necessary to be operational within 100 days. This sort of promise was unheard of at the time, and proved to be just crazy enough to work.

Today, the business and industry landscape has changed. However, as a system, we are still rising to the occasion, delivering an in-demand, skilled workforce and providing individuals with the opportunity to improve their economic circumstances through education and training.

Modern facilities utilize some of the world’s most technologically advanced equipment and robotics, the operation of which requires a workforce with highly developed skills. These sought-after skills are well-compensated by employers, and represent good jobs for the people of our state. And they’re not just limited to advanced manufacturing. South Carolina is experiencing growth in areas such as information technology, health care and construction technology, to name a few.

From its humble beginnings to its tremendous impact today, the S.C. Technical College System remains steadfastly focused on the vital work of growing our state’s workforce and providing South Carolinians with a path to follow their dreams and forge a brighter future. Our colleges play a critical role in South Carolina’s economic development and workforce development efforts, supporting the state’s recovery and continued economic success.

Dr. Tim Hardee, President of SC Technical College System

Tim Hardee, president of the S.C. Technical College System


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